March 9–Wisdom Conference Call–The Great Transformation

This Sunday, March 9, we’ll start our reading of Karen Armstrong’s The Great Transformation: The Origin of Our Religious Traditions, which I anticipate will take four weeks. I think the book divides roughly among four sections: Chapters 1 and 2 (pp. 3-85), Chapters 3-5 (pp. 86-201), Chapters 6-8 (pp. 202-330), and Chapters 9-10 (pp. 331-400). I’ll introduce the context a little by talking about Jasper’s notion of the “axial age” in his 1949 book The Origin and Goal of History. Perhaps we could start our discussion by connecting Armstrong’s book to our earlier discussions: How might the “axial age” be considered as an attempt to refound partnership culture within empires of domination? And how might it be considered as drawing in new ways on the connection of the “feeling” and “governing” brains in each individual? Do come with your own questions. And feel free to participate in the call even if you don’t have time to read or to get the book.
(It’s available on Amazon for around $10.)

To enter the call, simply dial 218-936-6666 and follow the prompts. Our code
is 9936250#.


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