The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning (JAEPL) provides a forum to encourage research, theory, and classroom practice involving expanded concepts of language. It contributes to a sense of community in which scholars and educators from preschool through the university exchange points of view and cutting-edge approaches to teaching and learning. JAEPL is especially interested in helping those teachers who experiment with new strategies of learning to share their practices and confirm their validity through publication in professional journals.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: intuition, inspiration, insight, imagery, meditation, silence, archetypes, emotion, attitudes, values, spirituality, motivation, body wisdom, and felt sense. Articles may be practical, research-oriented, theoretical, bibliographical, professional, and/or exploratory/personal.


One thought on “JAEPL

  1. dazed75 says:

    JAEPL is about to go to Press–Volume 20, the anniversary issue! A tribute to the goals and aspiration of AEPL. Be sure and catch it, coming your way soon!

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