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Conference Call Sunday, June 22

Hi, everyone!

On last week’s conference call, we talked about the diversity of folks at the conference, about the challenges of taking the work of the conference back into the “real” world, and also all agreed that it would be good to continue our community by offering the next series of conference calls to the leaders of the concurrent sessions at the conference, so that more can have a sense of the richness and diversity of the content there.

To that end, I’ve asked Grace Feuerverger to lead the next call, which will be on Sunday at 1 pm Eastern, 10am Pacific. 218-936-6666 code 9936250#. You might want to check out Grace’s two books Teaching, Learning, and Other Miracles (foreword by Bill Ayers, blurbs by Maxine Greene and Richard Rodriguez) and Oasis of Dreams (about an Israeli-Palestinian joint community). Sorry for the short notice, but this is the only time Grace is available before the 4th of July.

We will try to schedule another call next Sunday. Let me know if you’re interested in leading one of these in the future.

Hope to talk to many of you on Sunday!