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"Emotions at the Intersection of Realism and Idealism: When Student Emails Treat Teachers Like Flight Attendants," Richard Williams

My students’ emails sometimes make me angry. In this presentation I will I explore the social roots of my emotions through Arlie Hochschild’s notion of “the commercialization of human feelings”. Her idea ultimately allows me to understand the conflicting assumptions that students and teachers have about education—students tend to be realists, while teachers tend to be idealists. Exploring those assumptions, I conclude that the task faced by teachers today is more complex than that of merely helping students; we must also help ourselves. In discussing this, I will explore the interplay between realism and idealism and engage participants in a writing exercise about it.


“Beyond Rhetorical Conventions: Composing as Emotional Process in WAC/WID,” Wendy Ryden. Respondent, Beverly Wall