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Here at the end of the term,
I’m standing in my office
Before my bookshelves,
And there in disarray
Are the soldiers of learning.
Fallen among fellow warriors
And foreign company,
Scarred and bent,
They await transport
Back to the comfort
Of sliding home
Between their dusty
Companions at last.

-Laurence Musgrove


“‘Oh please, not him!’ and Other Reflections on Disliking, and Maybe Liking, Students,” E.A. Miller Mlcak

Evening Session
Featuring readings—Kristin Prevallet, Laurence Musgrove and followed by an open mic.

“Picturing Reading Relationships,” Laurence Musgrove

In this 75-minute interactive workshop, participants will graphically explore their attitudes toward and relationships with reading and teaching. I will ask teachers to represent their reading and teaching visually in three ways, first a drawing of what happens when they read, second a drawing of how they would depict reading for their students, and third a drawing of what happens when they teach reading. We will then review these drawings as a way to examine their emotional or attitudinal dimensions, and consider methods for promoting other kinds of relationships with reading and teaching. I will also share examples of students’ drawings from my research that reveal a range of reading emotions.

Click here for a handout from this session.