Welcome to the AEPL Blog

Welcome to the AEPL blog! Stan Scott and Irene Papoulis have been co-chairs for over a year now, and we will be sending periodic blog posts. Please feel free to leave comments on anything we say, and/or on anything on your mind having to do with AEPL matters.

In case you don’t know us yet, we will introduce ourselves. Stan is a native of California now living in Portland, Maine. He has taught writing, literature, and philosophy, at UCBerkeley, UCLA, LA Valley College, the University of Illinois, Chicago, and the University of Maine, Presque Isle. He’s the author of Frontiers of Consciousness, published in the 90s by Fordham University Press, and has published some of his work in JAEPL (the AEPL Journal) in recent times. He is currently a student at Bangor Theological Seminary in Portland, with a focus on biblical literature and theology. He is a meditator, interested in world religions and spiritual traditions, and is involved with several writing projects in this area. He’s also co-director with Bruce Novak of the 2008 AEPL conference, titled “Reclaiming the Wisdom Tradition for Education” to be held this year in Monterey, California.

Irene teaches writing at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Her first contact with AEPL was through the AEPL Journal many years ago, when they published an article she wrote on Spirituality and Composition. She also participated in AEPL workshops at CCCC, like the one on Felt Sense with Sondra Perl and Eugene Gendlin, and then joined the board when she served as the organizer for AEPL’s 2007 annual summer conference, which focused that year on The Emotional Lives of Teachers and was held in Estes Park, Colorado. Her particular interest is in emotions and other psychological issues in the teaching of writing, and she has been very happy to discover people in AEPL who share her concern with the inner lives of students.

We just got home from the CCCC meeting in New Orleans, where AEPL sponsored a wonderful all-day Wednesday workshop on Reflection as Rhetorical Art. And we’re very much looking forward to our summer conference at Mount Madonna!


One thought on “Welcome to the AEPL Blog

  1. Deb says:

    Dr. Scott! I am a former student from the honors program (1998-92) at UMPI (Debbie Murchison). My life journey has brought me far from those intense discussions and papers. I confess to have lived my life an inch deep and a mile wide for several years at least. Lately, in the attempt to home educate my 4 children, I have come to realize that I have neglected my own continuing process of education. Sad, yet true.

    SO, I am returning to where I first was compelled to dig deep and sift carefully…your classes! My worldview has drastically changed since that point in time…it has given me a perspective that could have given me more muscle with which to wrestle. I find the need to re-read the books and essays in this new light of Christ-consciousness.

    It is with great joy that I have found your book. It appears to have been written as the overflow of what you had shared with us in class.

    Peace and blessings to Thou and Thine. 🙂


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