Summer Conference 2007: The Emotional Life of Teachers

Teaching involves many feeling—passion, joy, anger, fear, shame, guilt, sadness, happiness, frustration, etc. Too often, though, and for various reasons, teachers keep their feelings separate from their work as teachers.

This conference will explore teachers’ emotions from theoretical and practical standpoints, with attention to how those feelings have conscious and unconscious influences on teaching and teachers. In addition to the featured sessions, we will have a plenary on Meditation and Yoga, and a series of concurrent sessions on various approaches to the conference topic. AEPL is an Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English; teachers at all levels and in all disciplines are welcome at this conference.

The conference will begin with dinner on Thursday, June 28, and will conclude with breakfast on Sunday, July 1. No sessions are scheduled for July 1.


One thought on “Summer Conference 2007: The Emotional Life of Teachers

  1. Dear AEPL friends, I am sorry to be unable to be in Estes Park this year, especially because the conference theme – the emotional life of teaching – has been the subject of my research since the early ninties (see Reflection of/on the Teacher:Emotions and Disclosure in the Writing Classroom – dissertation from Ilinois State U 2001; and articles in Composition Studies 2002; JAEPL 1999-2000 and 2003-4). My thoughts will be with you as AEPL delves into the affective realm once again. I encourage you to publish on the conference theme, and I would be happy to serve as helper in that regard. By the way, I just learned that I received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor here at Northern Michigan University. My work as AEPL membership chair (2002-2005) and summer conference registration chair (2003-2005) for AEPL were excellent examples of service that I included in my tenure and promotion materials. My thanks to all who encouraged me along the way and who offered letters of reference about my work with AEPL. Best, Kia Jane RichmondCo-director, English Education Program Northern Michigan

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